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If Joel Just were a carousing womanizer born 50 years sooner, he would have been a great addition to the Rat Pack.  Joel Just is a versatile and experienced professional baritone vocalist.  You may know him from 4 Ever Young, an a cappella doo-wop quartet, in which Joel has entertained audiences as the primary lead singer for the past 10 years.  Joel also wrote many of the arrangements the group performs, and he is excellent at sight-reading as well as learning by ear.  He is also proficient at singing harmony on the fly.  With 4 Ever Young and other professional ensembles, Joel developed an excellent ear for harmonizing and blending with a small group and learned how to carry a song expertly as the lead.


Joel’s smooth, lyrical vocal timbre is influenced by his experience performing both classical and popular music.  A classically trained singer, Joel’s musical journey has taken him from all-region high school choirs to community choruses, such as the Plano Civic Chorus, to professional vocal ensembles.  His appreciation for popular music, in particular standards and oldies, is what led him to 4 Ever Young.  Currently, Joel sings baritone with The Texas Voices (a professional chamber choir) as well as 4 Ever Young.  He is often featured as a soloist in both groups.


Joel has a Masters degree in computer science, which is not surprising given the intelligence and precision he brings to his vocal performances.  After a 12-year detour as a software designer, Joel is now pursuing singing as a career.  He is available for studio work as well as stage performances, as a background or lead singer.


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